Readers Favorite has given Horses & Ponies Activity Book – the first book in the Allpony – Horsemanship for kids series by Susan DiFelice a prestigious 5-Star rating.

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Review Rating: 5 stars!

Reviewed By Jack Magnus Readers’ Favorite

Horses & Ponies Activity Book: Introduction to Horses & Horseback Riding is an equine education book for children written and illustrated by Susan DiFelice. DiFelice has cared for and ridden horses all her life, and now she’s helping her own children learn all about riding. She’s also created Allpony, an educational website and store for horse lovers. In this interactive book, children learn about horsemanship, safety and tack. They also learn how to distinguish the different breeds of horses and their characteristics, and how to differentiate between a pony and a horse. She shares the correct terminology for facial and leg markings, coat colors and the reasons why grooming is so important.

Horses & Ponies Activity Book: Introduction to Horses & Horseback Riding makes learning about horsemanship fun, and it does so in a highly effective and memorable way. DiFelice’s book is jam-packed with information, but it also includes puzzles, mazes, quizzes and word searches to ensure that readers retain what they’ve read and make that knowledge their own. I loved learning, finally, what the “hand” measurement actually was and how the different breeds of horses differed in temperament. I also found her discussions on equine terminology and grooming to be fascinating. While this book is geared toward younger riders, anyone who loves horses should give this fun and informative book a read. DiFelice has honed the essentials of horsemanship into an interactive book that works so very well. Horses & Ponies Activity Book: Introduction to Horses & Horseback Riding is most highly recommended.