There are many differently breeds of horses and ponies, and some are better suited for some jobs than others. They are bred over time to have certain traits that help them to excel at certain jobs.

Difference Between Horses & Ponies

The difference between ponies and horses is their height. Ponies are no taller than 14.2 hands high (58 inches) at the withers, while horses are taller than 14.2 hands high. A hand is four inches high.

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Hot Blood, Cold Blood, & Warmblood Horses Explained

All horses are warm-blooded mammals, but also can be classified by their temperaments. Arabian and Thoroughbred horses fall into the hot blood category because they are usually more sensitive and high strung than other breeds of horses. Cold blood horses include the draft breeds such as Shires, Clydestales, Percherons and even Friesians. These large and sturdy breeds have been bred for agricultural work and chosen for their calm temperaments.

Warmblood Graphic

Warmblood horse are a cross between the hot blood and cold blood breeds. They usually have calmer temperaments than thoroughbreds and Arabians, and have more athletic ability than their cold blooded ancestors. They are used today for dressage, jumping, eventing and driving.

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Pony Breeds Examples

Shetland Pony

The Shetland pony originated in the Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland. It is a strong, hardy, and intelligent breed. It is used mainly as a children's riding pony and for driving.

  • Breed: Shetland
  • Height: Under 12.2hh
  • Origin: Scotland

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Hafllinger Pony

The Hafllinger pony is versatile for both riding and driving. It is known for it's solid conformation, hardiness, and even temperament. The Haflinger breed has unique golden chestnut coloring with a long, flowing white mane and tail.

  • Breed: Haflinger
  • Height: Around 13.3hh
  • Origin: Austria

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Welsh Pony

The Welsh Pony has it's origins with the Arabian breed and originally came from the mountains of Wales. They are usually medium sized with elegant heads and quality conformation. They are known for their floating trot and are used for pleasure riding, jumping and driving.

  • Breed: Welsh Pony
  • Height: Around 13.2hh
  • Origin: Wales

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Connemara Pony

The Connemara pony is tough and hardy with a pretty head that shows it's Arabian and Thoroughbred influences. It is a performance pony with good sense, used mainly for pleasure riding, eventing, driving, jumping and hunting.

  • Breed: Connemara
  • Height: Between 13hh and 14.2hh
  • Origin: Ireland

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Horse Breeds Examples


The Arabian horse is the oldest pure breed horse and the foundation breed for the Thoroughbred horse. They are hot-blooded, usually small and high strung with a dished face, short back and high tail carriage. Known for their endurance, the Arabian horse is used today for showing, dressage, pleasure riding, and endurance racing.

  • Breed: Arabian
  • Height: Between 14.1 and 15.1hh
  • Origin: Arabian Peninsula

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Paint or Pinto

The Pinto Horse Association and the American Paint Horse Association both register part-colored horses that have large colored patches and white. They can be classified as stock, hunter, pleasure, and saddle types. The two color patterns are the Tobiano and the Overo. The Tobiano coat is a white base coat with large splashes of solid color over it. The Overo coat appears to be a solid colored horse with large irregular white markings over it.

  • Breed: Paint or Pinto
  • Height: Between 15hh and 16hh
  • Origin: United States

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The Friesian horse is known for its black coat, thick mane and tail, and feathering on the lower legs. It has a powerful, high-stepping gait and excels at dressage, carriage driving and pleasure riding. It is considered a cold-blooded breed and it is known for it's calm and docile temperament.

  • Breed: Friesian
  • Height: 15hh or higher
  • Origin: Netherlands

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The Morgan breed descended from one stallion named Justin Morgan. They are a versatile, powerful and intelligent, and popular for driving and all kinds of riding.

  • Breed: Morgan
  • Height: 14.2 to 15.2hh
  • Origin: United States

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Appaloosa horses are a spotted breed that originated in the northwestern part of the United States. The breed was developed by the Indians of North America in the 18th century. They are currently used for all kinds of riding including English, western, jumping, endurance, trail and pleasure riding. There are five recognized coat patterns including the blanket, marble, leopard, snowflake and frost.

  • Breed: Appaloosa
  • Height: 14.2 to 15.2hh
  • Origin: United States

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Quarter Horse

The Quarter Horse originated in colonial America and was bred for all around work including farming, hauling, working cattle, in harness and under saddle. It gets it's name from the American settlers racing them in quarter mile stretches. They have strong and muscular hindquarters and are usually calm and intelligent. Today they are used for almost every kind of riding including ranch work, pleasure riding, showing, jumping and racing.

  • Breed: Quarter Horse
  • Height: Between 15hh and 16hh
  • Origin: United States

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The Thoroughbred horse was originally bred for racing, but is now used as hunter, eventing, jumpers and dressage horses. The Arabian horse foundation breed for the Thoroughbred horse. Like Arabian horses, Thoroughbreds are considered a hot-blooded breed. They have long, lean bodies, are sensitive and can be high strung.

  • Breed: Thoroughbred
  • Height: Between 16 and 16.2hh
  • Origin: England


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Warmblood Horses

A group of horse breeds that combines the "hot-blood" of Arabians and Thoroughbreds with the "cold-blood" of draft horses. They are usually athletic and strong, and excel at dressage and jumping. Many are imported from Europe and are used as Olympic team horses.

  • Breed: Warmblood
  • Height: Around 16hh to 17hh
  • Origin: Europe


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The Clydesdale is a breed of draught horse that originated from the farm horses of Clydesdale, Scotland. It is often bay in color, they usually have large white markings. The breed was originally used for agriculture and hauling heavy loads, and is still used for draught purposes today. The Budweiser horses are some of the most famous Clydesdales.

  • Breed: Clydesdale
  • Height: 16hh to 18hh
  • Origin: Scotland

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Horse & Pony Breeds Quiz


Where did Warmblood horses originate?

Name two Hot-Blooded horse breeds.

Name a Cold-Blood horse breed.

Which type of horse is a cross between Hot and Cold-Blooded breeds?

Which breed is popular for driving?

Which breed is most used to work cattle ranches?

Which breed was originally used by Native Americans?

Which breed descends from just one stallion named Justin Morgan?

Which breed has long, lean bodies, are sensitive, and can be high strung?

Name four horse breeds that originated in the United States.

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