Learn to identify the parts horse, learn about horse conformation strengths and weaknesses, and the parts of the hoof.

Learn About Conformation & Parts of Horses & Ponies

A horse's conformation is the way a horse is built. Good conformation improves movement and performance, allows for smoother gaits and makes horses and ponies less likely to go lame.

Can You Name the Parts of the Horse?

See if you can name the parts of the horse. Click on the plus symbol to see if you are correct.

Parts of the Horse

The diagram below shows many of the names of the parts of horses.Parts of the Horse

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Good Conformation

  • Large kind eyes
  • Wide Jaw
  • Large nostrils
  • Medium-length neck that is slightly arched
  • Long, sloping shoulder
  • Well-muscled back
  • Pasterns a medium length and slope

Conformation Faults

  • Large course head
  • Small "pig eyes"
  • Narrow jaw
  • Small nostrils
  • Short neck
  • Dips on the top & bulges on the bottom (ewe neck)
  • Short, upright shoulders
  • Long, hollow back
  • Short, upright pasterns
  • Pasterns with too much slope

Parts of the HoofParts of the hoof

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