Readers Favorite has given Horses & Ponies Activity Book – the first book in the Allpony – Horsemanship for kids series by Susan DiFelice a prestigious 5-Star rating.

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Review Rating: 5 stars!

Reviewed By Kimberlee J Benart Readers’ Favorite

Horse & Ponies Activity Book, written and illustrated by Susan DiFelice, is a delightful work of non-fiction that introduces young readers and riders to the wonderful world of horses and horseback riding. Teaching young readers while entertaining them is no easy task yet DiFelice has managed to find the right balance in her book. The teaching portion of the book provides valuable and useful information to young riders like the importance of horseback riding safety by wearing the proper clothes and the rules of the riding barns that protect both horses and riders. She also extols the importance of grooming a horse and the different types of tools to groom them; the different types of tack as well as the differences between English and Western saddles. DiFelice also discusses the different breeds of horses, coat colors, leg markings and gaits as well as the different horse sports involving horses and riders. She even talks about the proper side from which to mount and dismount a horse.

Never losing sight of the fact that learning can be fun, DiFelice integrates the information with interactive activities like mazes, word searches, crosswords, coloring, object finds within a picture, and even an old-fashioned paper pony doll. All of these activities require different intellectual and motor skills which challenge young readers while entertaining them. And for those in doubt, the answers to all the questions and mazes are provided in the back of the book. The author’s background as an artist and digital designer have held her in good stead, as each page of the activity book is colorful and bursting with images, beckoning young fingers to trace, to point, and to seek the objects buried within each picture. Horse & Ponies Activity Book really is a wonderful book for young riders or for those who want to be one. Perhaps more importantly though, DiFelice’s no-nonsense approach makes it the perfect read for a young child who has an innate fear of horses and other animals, making them less frightening and more approachable.