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Learn About Horses

Learn more about horse breeds, face & leg markings, coat colors, gaits, tack & grooming tools and more with fun free horse & pony learning activities. Expand your horse knowledge & improve horsemanship skills free horse & pony quizzes.

Tack & Bits

Tack is equipment or accessories used on horses and ponies, such as saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, and harnesses. Learn about types of saddles, parts of the bridle, and common types of bits.

Barn & Travel

Do you know how to tie a pony? Learn how along with how to groom a horse and identify stable vices and bad habits, & body clips in horses. Read about how to measure the height and weight of horses, and take fun quizzes and play learning games within each section!

smart book award

Smart Book Award Winner

The Allpony Horses & Ponies Activity Book won the Academics Choice Smart Book Award.

Horse & Pony Identification

Horse Sports

There are many different horse sports that you can participate in. Follow the links below to learn more about horse & pony sports, or go ahead and test your knowledge with the free horse sports quiz!

Play Horse Learning Games

Choose Your Pony Game

Parts of the Saddle Game

Horse Colors Game

From the Allpony Blog

Make a Stuffed Horse Toy Craft Tutorial

Make a Stuffed Horse Toy Craft Tutorial

How to Make Your Own Stuffed Horse Toy We enjoyed making our own stuffed horses and hope you will enjoy this craft too! Materials you will need: Felt (or fabric) Yarn Scissors Pins Colored pencil or crayon Needle and thread Sewing Machine (optional) Stuffing Step 1:...

Make a Stick Horse Craft

Make a Stick Horse Craft

Check out this step by step guide for a fun stick horse project that you can enjoy doing with your little one. You can use a sewing machine, or hand sew your horse head. Materials you will need: 3 sheets of felt for the horse's head and mane Sewing thread and needle...

Allpony Horse Sports Video Series: Eventing

Allpony Horse Sports Video Series: Eventing

This eventing instructor interview with Holly Hudspeth is the fourth video in a series of educational videos intended to teach children about different horse sports. For the video series, we ask each horse sport instructor the same seven or eight questions in an...

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