Horses & Ponies Activity eBook


academics choice smart book award winnerDigital download of the Horses & Ponies Activity Book as an eBook. Print it out from your home printer and let your little one get started learning about horse & pony markings, grooming tools, types of tack, breeds, gaits, how to measure horses and more though games, mazes, quizzes, coloring pages and other activities!

Also available as a printed book.


Improve your horsemanship skills with puzzles, games, crafts & activities that instruct and entertain with the Horses & Ponies Activity Book! Learn about horse & pony markings, grooming tools, types of tack, breeds, gaits and riding sports – plus get safety tips for working around horses and ponies. A great gift for horse-loving kids!

  • Size: 8.5″ x 11″
  • Pages: 40
  • Format: Paperback
  • Appropriate for ages 4-12

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We bought the Horses & Ponies Activity Book: Introduction to Horses & Horseback Riding book for our Inclusive Summer Camps at the NC Therapeutic Riding Center. I was thrilled to actually see something with accurate information and drawings about horses and horsemanship for the first time EVER. Thank you bunches!

My kids love this activity book! I initially thought my pony loving 3 year old would be the only one to really get into this book, but my 6 year old boy that isn’t so horse-crazy loved it as well! This book has lots of beautiful illustrations and fun activities that all kids will love. It would be a great gift for a kid that has an interest in ponies and horses. It has great information and would be a good introduction into riding. My kids and I love it!!!

We love the activity book! I thought the graphics and activities were great! My daughter has enjoyed learning about the different horse colors, markings, etc.

My pony loving daughter sat and did this book from cover to cover. She finished it with a big smile and said how much fun it was. Having not been able to find a lot of pony related books for her, this was an exciting release. We will make sure to buy it for pony friends for birthdays and other celebrations.