Readers Favorite has given Horses & Ponies Activity Book – the first book in the Allpony – Horsemanship for kids series by Susan DiFelice a prestigious 5-Star rating.

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Review Rating: 5 stars!

Reviewed By Amy Raines Readers’ Favorite

Horses & Ponies Activity Book by Susan DiFelice is an educational coloring and activity book that enables the reader to understand basic concepts about ponies and horses in general. The illustrations provided by Susan DiFelice not only help with the visual differences and similarities in the appearance of the animals, but also allow the reader to understand the differences in height and weight, as well as the differences between horses and ponies themselves. The book also contains a variety of activities such as mazes, labeling, drawings and more that help reinforce the facts in a manner that allows the reader to have fun as they learn.

Susan DiFelice has done so much more than create a simple activity book about horses. Horses & Ponies Activity Book is very well designed with education in mind. Every page is colorful and informative with activities that teach the reader in a fun, interactive way. The details and facts that Susan DiFelice has incorporated to teach by are very easy for both children and adults to read and enjoy. I’m not normally an activity book person, but Horses & Ponies Activity Book drew my attention quickly with the excellent layout and illustrations as well as the fun facts that I actually learned from. It is obvious that Susan DiFelice knows exactly what she’s doing when designing activity books; each fact page is followed by activities that anyone of any age would love.

I would definitely recommend Horses & Ponies Activity Book: Introduction to Horses & Horseback Riding to anyone, however, I would not limit this to individuals as this book would serve as a fun reference in a school’s curriculum when teaching about animals and horses in particular. Susan DiFelice’s talents as both an illustrator and author shine through on every vivid page. I hope to see many more activity books like Horses & Ponies Activity Book. Well done!