Readers Favorite has given Horses & Ponies Activity Book – the first book in the Allpony – Horsemanship for kids series by Susan DiFelice a prestigious 5-Star rating.

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Review Rating: 5 stars!

Reviewed By Kimberlee J Benart Readers’ Favorite


If you have a youngster who is crazy for everything “horsey” and whose heart beats faster just thinking about the next pony ride, then the Horses & Ponies Activity Book: Introduction to Horses & Horseback Riding by Susan DiFelice is for you. Even children only mildly interested in horses will find plenty of fun things to engage them. The book is illustrated in full color. Topics include riding safety, grooming, types of tack, parts of bridles and saddles, parts of the horse, horse and pony terms, coat colors, face and leg markings, gaits, horse sports, horse and pony breeds, and even how to tie a quick release knot. DiFelice, a lifelong rider herself, wrote the book based on the horsemanship lessons she taught her own children.

The Horses & Ponies Activity Book is chock full of a variety of fun activities as well as a surprising amount of information. DiFelice incorporates word searches, puzzles, paper dolls, match games, a crossword puzzle, a word bank, word completion, mazes, a hidden pictures activity, a naming activity, a horse breeds quiz, and several art activities. She also provides an answer key. Although I’m reviewing a digital product so I can’t comment on the ease of children manipulating the cut-out horses and farm scenery, the illustrations are beautiful and detailed throughout. What most impressed me is the amount of information this activity book provides and the range of ages in young people it can appeal to. I was a horse crazy kid myself and this activity book would certainly have entertained and educated me.