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Allpony is an activity book and website with games, quizzes and information that teach kids about horses and horsemanship.

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Meet Susan, Web & Digital Designer, Illustrator, Author

The Allpony website and activity book were created by life-long rider, Susan DiFelice, as a tool to marry her web, graphic design and fine art background with her love of riding to teach her own children about horsemanship. It has grown from there and has become a resource for other horse loving kids.

Susan is a digital designer & fine artist with 20 years of experience working with large corporations, universities, and small businesses in addition to painting animal portraits. Susan and her husband live in Chapel Hill, NC with their two children where she works in between taxiing children and time at the barn.

Horse & Ponies Activity Book, written and illustrated by Susan DiFelice, is a delightful work of non-fiction that introduces young readers and riders to the wonderful world of horses and horseback riding. The author’s background as an artist and digital designer have held her in good stead, as each page of the activity book is colorful and bursting with images, beckoning young fingers to trace, to point, and to seek the objects buried within each picture.

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Do You Offer Bulk Discounts On Activity Books?

Yes! Wholesale prices available for retailers, riding schools, and bulk orders. Contact susan@allpony.com for details.

Do You Design Custom Projects?

Yes! I create custom product designs, websites and print marketing materials for riding schools, pony clubs and equestrian groups. Contact susan@allpony.com for details.

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Yes! Contact susan@allpony.com for details.

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