Parts of the Horse

Learn about horse conformation, name the parts of the horse, and play free horse anatomy games.

Learn About Horse Sports

The latest Allpony horse sports video about equestrian vaulting is up. This equestrian vaulting instructor interview is the third video in a series of educational videos intended to teach children about different horse sports. Vaulting is gymnastics on horseback and amazing to watch!

Create and Customize Your Horse Lover Gifts

Create Fun Gifts and Products With Allpony’s Original Equestrian Designs & Horse Illustrations

Play Free Horse Games

Create Your Own Pony, Improve Your Horse Skills With Horsemanship Learning Games, & Try Fun Horse Quizzes!

Horsemanship Education for Kids

Learn more about horse breeds, face & leg markings, coat colors, gaits, tack & grooming tools and more with fun free horse & pony learning activities.

Improve Your Horsemanship Skills

Learn more about horse breeds, face & leg markings, coat colors, gaits, tack & grooming tools and more with fun free horse & pony learning activities. Expand your horse knowledge & improve horsemanship skills free horse & pony quizzes.

Horse & Pony Identification

Barn & Travel

Do you know how to tie a pony? Learn how along with how to groom a horse and identify stable vices and bad habits, & body clips in horses. Read about how to measure the height and weight of horses, and take fun quizzes and play learning games within each section!

Horse Sports

There are many different horse sports that you can participate in. Follow the links below to learn more about horse & pony sports, or go ahead and test your knowledge with the free horse sports quiz!

Tack & Bits

Tack is equipment or accessories used on horses and ponies, such as saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, and harnesses. Learn about types of saddles, parts of the bridle, and common types of bits.

Learn About Horses & Play Free Horse Games

Play Free Horse Games

Create your own pony with the choose your pony game. Test your horse knowledge with the Allpony free & fun horsemanship games!

Choose Your Pony Game

Horsemanship Quizzes

Horse & Pony Quizzes On Coat Colors, Markings, Gaits, Breeds and more! Complete the quizzes to receive a free certificate of accomplishment and compare your results with other young riders in the leaderboards.


From the Allpony Blog
Allpony Brand Ambassador – Marion

Allpony Brand Ambassador – Marion

Allpony found a special kid named Marion who is now a brand ambassador for Allpony! Casey shared some information with us about her riding experience, about her pony, and how she continues to learn about horses and horsemanship. The goal of Allpony is to inspire kids...

Allpony Brand Ambassador – Casey

Allpony Brand Ambassador – Casey

We are choosing a few select juniors to become brand ambassadors for Allpony. If you are chosen, you will receive an Allpony Junior Brand Ambassador package filled with Allpony gear and a story about you will be featured on the Allpony website!

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“This book was fantastic. I was a horse lover as a child too, and I spent many afternoons and summers helping out at our local horse ranch, mucking out the barn, feeding the horses, and grooming them. My daughter hasn’t had that fun experience yet, so she has taken to books to learn about horses. Usually we read non-fiction horse books and fictional vet books, so it was exciting for her to have an activity book all about horses. It was a great way to put what she has learned to the test. The book does a great job explaining the tack horses wear, what type of grooming tool to use, and how to identify breeds and types of riding sports. She loved the puzzles and mazes and activities. I enjoyed working through the activities with my daughter.”

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“Susan DiFelice has done so much more than create a simple activity book about horses. Horses & Ponies Activity Book is very well designed with education in mind. Every page is colorful and informative with activities that teach the reader in a fun, interactive way. The details and facts that Susan DiFelice has incorporated to teach by are very easy for both children and adults to read and enjoy… It is obvious that Susan DiFelice knows exactly what she’s doing when designing activity books; each fact page is followed by activities that anyone of any age would love. …  Susan DiFelice’s talents as both an illustrator and author shine through on every vivid page. I hope to see many more activity books like Horses & Ponies Activity Book. Well done!”

Amy Raines

Reader's Favorite 5 Star Award Winner

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