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Learn About Horses

Horsemanship Education & Fun

Horse & Pony Identification

Barn & Travel

Do you know how to tie a pony? Learn how along with how to groom a horse and identify stable vices and bad habits in horses. Read about how to measure the height and weight of horses, and take fun quizzes and play learning games within each section!

Tack & Bits

Tack is equipment or accessories used on horses and ponies, such as saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, and harnesses. Learn about types of saddles, parts of the bridle, and common types of bits.

Horsemanship Education for Kids

Learn more about horse breeds, face & leg markings, coat colors, gaits, tack & grooming tools and more with fun free horse & pony learning activities. Expand your horse knowledge & improve horsemanship skills free horse & pony quizzes.

Riding & Horse Sports

There are many different horse sports that you can participate in. Follow the links below to learn more about horse & pony sports, or go ahead and test your knowledge with the free horse sports quiz!

Learn about posting the trot, what diagonals are, and how to tell if you are on the correct diagonal with free games and quiz.  Review how horses jump, types of horse jumps, and try free horse jumping learning game.

Activity Book On Horsemanship For Kids

A Reader’s Favorite 5 Star award winner and Academics’ Choice Smart Book award winner, this fun and educational activity book teaches horsemanship skills with mazes, puzzles, crafts & activities that instruct and entertain.

Learn about horse & pony markings, grooming tools, types of tack, breeds, gaits, how to measure horses and more! Makes a great gift for horse-loving kids!

Parts of the Saddle

Most Popular Horsemanship Game!

Drag and drop the names of the saddle parts into the correct location and check your results. Play as many times as you want for free!

More Free Horse & Pony Games

Test Your Horse Knowledge With Horsemanship Games!

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