Horse & Pony Identification

Horse & Pony Breeds

There are many differently breeds of horses and ponies, and some are better suited for some jobs than others.  They are bred over time to have certain traits that help them to excel at certain jobs.

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Coat Colors
A pony’s coat color means the color of his body and head, and his mane and tail. Coat colors are used to identify horses and describe how they look, along with face and leg markings.

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Parts of the Horse
Learn to identify the parts horse, learn about horse conformation strengths and weaknesses, and the parts of the hoof.

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Face & Leg Markings

Face markings are the white markings on a pony's face and muzzle. They are important for identification and registration with breed societies.

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Horse & Pony Gaits

Gaits are the ways in a horse or pony can move, either naturally or through training. Follow the links below to learn more about horse & pony gaits, or go ahead and test your knowledge with the free gaits quiz.


The walk is a gait with four beats. It does not have a moment of suspension and it averages 4 mph.

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The trot has two beats, averages 6 mph and has a moment of suspension. The legs move in diagonal pairs.

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The canter is a gait with three beats. It averages 8 mph and has a moment of suspension. A western canter is called a lope.

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The gallop has four beats, averages 15 mph and has a moment of suspension. A hand gallop isn't actually a gallop, but a faster canter.

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Tack & Grooming Tools

Tack is equipment or accessories used on horses and ponies, such as saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, and harnesses. Learn about types of tack and the process and tools used for grooming.

Bridle Parts, Types & Bits
The bridle is the main source of communication and control with the horse. It come in different sizes including pony, cob, horse and over sized.

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Saddle Parts & Types

Learn to name the parts of the saddle and parts of the saddle under the flap. Read about types of horse & pony saddles and see examples of specialized saddles.

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Grooming Tools

We groom horses to clean horses & ponies, check them for injuries, keep the coat shiny and healthy, & it feels good to the horse. Different grooming tools have different tasks.

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Horse Sports

There are many different horse sports that you can participate in. Follow the links below to learn more about horse & pony sports, or go ahead and test your knowledge with the free horse sports quiz!

Eventing Sports

Saddle Seat

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Stable Vices & Bad Habits

Learn about horse and pony stable vices and bad habits, the difference between the two, how to identify them, why horses have them, and why they are bad.

Bucking pony

Rearing pony illustration

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How to Tie a Pony

Always tie a horse or pony with a quick release knot so they can be untied quickly in an emergency.

Do you know how to tie a quick release knot?

Quick Release Knot

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