Look for riding stables near you, get tips on horseback riding safety and learn what you should keep in mind when visiting a stable.

Find Riding Stables Near You

It is important to find a riding school that is the right fit for you or your child, whether you want to take a casual weekly lesson, attend a Summer camp, or show on the AA circuit. Be sure to check out the rankings in a Google search and ask any horsey friends what they recommend. You can use the map below as a starting point to find horse stables near you.

Horseback Riding Safety

Practicing safe riding principles and good barn manners can lead to many years of happy, healthy riding enjoyment. Always ride under the supervision of an adult and wear the following:

ASTM International & Safety Equipment Institute (ASTM/SEI) approved riding helmet
Long pants or breeches
Sturdy shoes or boots, above the ankle in height, with a hard sole and 1” heel

Keep In Mind When You Go To The Stable:

Most horseback riding barns have rules posted in order to keep everyone happy and safe. Riding can be dangerous and most stables will ask visitors to be mindful of the following:

  • You may be asked to sign a release form.
  • Always clean up after yourself and your horse.
  • Return all tack and stable supplies to the correct location.
  • No yelling or running while at the barn.
  • Always keep gates and stall doors closed and latched.
  • Don’t use tack or belongings that belong to other people unless you have their permission.
  • Respect the barn hours of operation.

Remember to have fun and be safe!